Processed by: Cacaotales and Norandino

Varietal: White Native

Harvest season: main harvest: December-May

Cut test: See picture below
Fermentation: 79%
White Cacao: 40%
Defects (insect damage, germination, mold) 1%

Drying Method: sun dried on wooden beds

Bean count: 92 beans/100 gr

Sorted: at origin by hand to ensure less than 2% waste

Awards: Peruvian Gold Cacao 2016

Certifications: USDA Organic, EU Organic, Fair Trade Flocert and Small Producers

Average temperature: 55°c
Time: 6 to 7 days- covered with banana leaves
Method: wooden boxes covered with banana leaves

Presentation: Jute Bags net weight 62.5 Kg

Storage: Piura/Peru and Riga/Latvia

Flavor Profile: Cane syrup aroma, middle acidity level, middle level of citric fruit, nutty flavour strong, slightly sweet. Low notes of peanut with chocolaty sensation