Processed by: Cacaotales and Norandino


Gran Nativo Blanco translates into “Grand Native White”. It is a very special and elegant cacao with a high proportion of white beans- Hidden for more than a century, this gem from nature was rediscovered in 2008 on the small cacao fields by San Juan de Bigotes, in Piura, North of Peru.

With the support of Cooperative Norandino the smallholder’s cacao farmers of the region identified the best cacao trees and reintroduced this ancient cacao varietal.  Today Gran Nativo Blanco is the most awarded cacao from Peru and is recognized for its delicate flavours, aromas and fragrances 

Origin: Piura, North Coast Peru   


Varietal: White Native

Harvest season: main harvest: December-May

Cut test: See picture below

Fermentation: 81%

White Cacao: +55%

Defects (insect damage, germination, mold) 1%

Drying Method: sun dried on wooden beds

Bean count: 90 beans/100 gr

Sorted: at origin by hand to ensure less than 2% waste

Awards: 2012 Peruvian Gold Cacao

2012 World Gold – Best Cacao Source

Certifications: USDA Organic, EU Organic, Fair Trade Flocert and Small Producers


Time: 5 to 6 days- covered with banana leaves

Method: wooden boxes covered with banana leaves

Presentation: Jute Bags net weight 62.5 Kg

Storage: Piura/Peru and Riga/Amsterdam

Flavour Profile
: These beans are shinny gold colour with an intense aroma of panela, sweet acidity predominant citrus fruits hint passion fruit and flowers notes. Long lasting chocolate notes.






We proudly offer this exquisite ultra-premium beans


Roasting: The high percentage of white beans and the terroir give to these beans a very special personality. We have done many tests to look for optimal roasting. To help you to express the potential of these beans we will assist you sharing with you these optimal roasting profiles