As smallholder Cacaotales and Norandino work together with similar producers cacao farmers, like us, to offer some of the best Peruvian and Venezuelan Premium and Ultra Premium Cacao Beans

Cacao genetics, terroir, and the people that harvest, ferment and Sun dried Peruvian and Venezuelan cacao beans is what really makes this countries two of the most famous growing regions in the world for premium and ultra premium cacao beans.

Criollo /Native  Genetic Cluster was identified as one of ten major cacao cultivars, a new classification of the cacao germplasm that is starting to bear fruit. Peru and Venezuela share 70% of the varieties of white cacao in the world







Geographic and Genetic Population Differentiation of the Amazonian Chocolate Tree (Theobroma cacao L) J C Motamayor






Criollo and Native represents approximately 0.1% of the world’s crop and its white seeds, a typical characteristic of this variety of cacao, contributes to retains the signature mild fruitiness and the low astringency and low bitterness attributed to the variety.